Are you one of those people that have a use for a generator from time to time?

Generators are helpful pieces of equipment to own in case of power outages or in case you ever need power in a place that does not have it. One of the better and more affordable lines of generators are those made by DuroStar. The best DuroStar generators on the market sell very well and we decided we wanted to take a closer look at them to find out why.

One thing we noticed is that DuroStar generators appear to be very affordable for all that you get from them. They are so user-friendly you can tell right away a good amount of thought was put into the design of them. They offer those that use them consistent power and they are built to last too.

Let’s take a look at a few of DuroStar’s more popular generator models:

DuroStar DS 4400 3500 Watt

DuroStar DS4400 Gas Powered Portable Generator

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There is a reason that this model generator gets consistently high marks on customer reviews. A lot of that has to do with its very generous sized 7 HP air cooled motor. That is enough power to easily run a refrigerator and another appliance in a pinch. The engine is nicely protected with a low oil shutoff switch too.

It features a variety of different type of power outlets and it can even be used to charge a car battery.

The DuroStar DS 4400 model generator is by no means perfect. It is a little bit too loud when it’s running so you would probably not want to use it with your RV. Carry some spare oil with you too because it burns more than the average generator does.

DuroStar DS10000E 8000 Watt

Durostar DS10000E Portable Generator

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This generator model from DuroStar has a powerful 16 HP air cooled engine. That is enough power to provide enough electricity to run a lot of equipment. You can fill all its many electric receptacles with plugs and it will still keep providing you with steady electrical power.

It is an easy to use a generator and it is not overly noisy when running for a generator its size. This generator will also go over rough surfaces or uneven terrain thanks to its sturdy frame and oversized wheels. This DuroStar 10000 watt generator is the best generator for worksite use.

During our review information search, we did see a few concerns raised with the DuroStar DS10000E. For such a powerful unit we feel it should have a few more electrical receptacles. You also need to remove the side panel to fill the oil easily which is a little tedious.

DuroStar DS4000WGE 3500 Watt

DuroStar DS4000WGE Generator

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Here is a very nice medium sized generator that is versatile and affordable. It features a key started the durable gas motor and has a peak power generation of 4000 watts. The low oil shutoff is a great feature along with its assorted receptacle selection.

This generator also has a 210 amp connection that is perfect for powering up electric welding equipment at remote sites.

The DuroStar DS4000WGE generator has some areas that could use improvement too. Our biggest concerns were with the control panel. The voltage gauge could be a little more accurate and some of the other controls could be more detailed in their readouts.