An RV offers a combination of comfort and class. But there’s that lingering thought within you: How do I power my RV?

An RV generator could fix that. The real challenge apparently is finding a good generator for your RV.

Don’t panic!

There’s a solution. We have gotten our hands dirty in putting together this review. There is a handful of the best generators for RV to choose from so read on!

Honda EU2000IGenerac 6866 iQ2000WEN 56310iBriggs & Stratton 30545Sportsman GEN4000LP
2000/1600 watts2000/1600 watts1250/1000 watts3000/2600 watts4000/3250 watts
16.7 x 11.4 x 20.1 inches20 x 12.6 x 16.9 inches12.5 x 9 x 17 inches23.6 x 15.3 x 29.5 inches23 x 17 x 17.5 inches
2 x AC 120V outlets2 x 120V 20A2 x AC120V, 2 x USB4xAC120V, 1xDC12V, 1 USB2 x 120V AC, 1 x 12V DC
Super quietSuper quietonly 51 dB58 dB68 dB
46 lbs46 lbs31.6 lbstwo 6'' wheelsuses propane gas

Top 5 Best Portable Generators for an RV

Honda EU2000I |Portable Generator for the RV

Honda EU2000I 2000 Watt Inverter Generator

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Are you in search of portable generators for your RV? The Honda EU2000I might be worth a look. Its dry weight of below 46 lbs puts it in the mix of things. It can easily be moved around and conveniently as well due to the handle attached.

Fuel tank capacity of this model is just about a gallon. This high quality RV generator comes with an impressive fuel economy engine. This maximizes the use of the fuel added. With this arrangement, you can enjoy more power to your RV.

This top-rated generator for RV supplies 1600 watts of power. This should suffice for most appliances. Disregard the advertised power rating of this unit. The noise level of Honda EU2000I is quite low at 59 dB (A). This is due to its noise reduction system.

Need to power more appliances with ratings far beyond the 2000 watts obtainable? You can connect it to another model.

  • Fuel efficiency remains unrivaled by many
  • There’s a 3-year warranty provided to improve convenience
  • Low noise level
  • It doesn’t weight a ton and can be readily moved around
  • It can be combined with another unit to cater for more of your power needs
  • This unit has an inverter to ensure your appliances are not damaged by power alterations
  • The cost of EU2000I is not for those on a budget
  • Cleaning the carburetor is extremely difficult. This is due to the size which incurs extra expenses on a replacement
  • Customer reviews suggest maintenance cost is on the high side
The Honda EU2000I is a decent RV generator. It has a great fuel economy coupled with a reduced noise level. Both make this unit remarkable. But be careful, this device could give you a maintenance headache.

Generac 6866 iQ2000 | RV Inverter Generator

Generac 6866 iQ2000 Generator

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Interested in buying a good RV inverter generator? The Generac 6866 is one of the few RV inverter generators on sale. It supplies power of just about 1600 watts. Forget the claims of more power.

This should be perfect for simple appliances without massive demand for power. Just like the Honda, the power output is stable. This is due to the use of the inverter technology.

The display visible on the RV generator keeps you informed of the time left before you will need to refuel the unit. For an efficient use of the device, you can switch between the three modes: Turbo, Standard, and Economy.

You can also increase the power output of the RV generator. This is achievable by connecting it to another one.

The Generac 6866 is capable of delivering uninterrupted power for up to 7 hours. However, this is at a reduced load. Increasing the number of appliances and the power input reduces the run time of the RV generator. The noise level isn’t loud.

  • It doesn’t generate too much noise to constitute a problem especially for those around
  • It runs long enough
  • Well constructed and it proves capable
  • Those LED indicators could prove quite handy. You wouldn’t need to access the gas compartment regularly to decide when it needs a refill
  • Customer service isn’t great
  • Reviews by customers point to the poor durability of this unit
It’s a good buy. That’s if you’re looking for something cheap and minimal noise. Power isn’t its most significant asset. And there’s the nonchalance of the Generac customer care towards assisting customers. This is unacceptable considering the cost of the generator.

WEN 56310i Generator for RVs with Built-in Wheels

WEN 56125i Super Quiet 1250-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

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Want to purchase a portable one? The WEN 56310i could be all you need. Disregard the claims of 1500 watts power output. It has a power output of 1000 watts. This should prove good enough for devices with fewer power demands.

This is also an inverter generator. This means you get improved power stability and reduced possibility of damage to your appliances. The weight of WEN 56310i is just about 48 lbs.

Put the adequately placed carrying handle in the mix and it can be moved smoothly. At just about 51dB, the noise level of this device wouldn’t amount to a problem.

This cheap portable RV generator has an automatic shutdown. This should come in handy when the fuel in the tank is at an abysmal level. There’s an Eco-mode for better fuel economy.

This model is also capable of being in a parallel connection with another. You get an increase in the amount of power generated with such arrangement.

  • Exceptionally quite especially when using the Eco-mode
  • It starts readily with little effort
  • Compared to its competition, it’s quite affordable
  • Your sensitive appliances are safe from damage with this RV generator
  • Fuel economy at its finest especially on eco-mode
  • Affordable generator
  • This unit comes highly recommended
  • Reports of leaking fuel tank which is dangerous
  • Flimsy plastic parts
  • Customer care isn’t helpful
  • The 1-year warranty offer is a sham
The WEN 56310i is a nice portable generator. It is not very powerful, but it does hold its own. The extremely quiet engine and excellent fuel economy endear it to many.

Briggs & Stratton 30545 P3000 | Best RV Generator

Briggs & Stratton 30545

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The Briggs and Stratton brand is one of the best brands around. And the P3000 maintains that good quality the firm is known for. It delivers a power output of about 2600 watts.

This should suffice for most appliances. There are several ports on this model. You can connect appliances directly with these ports.

With a weight of about 85lbs, this device is heavy. It has two 6” wheels and a telescopic handle making the generator easy to transport. The handle can be hidden away when not in use.

An LCD provides information regarding the power usage, hours left and maintenance related details. At 58dB at below 50% load, the noise level is low. With a higher load, the noise generated still doesn’t constitute a problem.

If you need more power, connect the P3000 to another one. The other generator needs to have the parallel capability. Fuel capacity of this model is about 1.5 gallon. The device could last hours on a full tank.

Similar to the Eco-mode in the WEN 56310i, you can flip a switch to increase fuel economy. Noise reduction is also facilitated with such an arrangement. This comes at a price of a lower load capacity.

  • Fuel economy
  • LCD offers vital information about the generator
  • Two years warranty provided
  • Easy to start
  • Low noise generated
  • Maintenance issues
  • Customer support isn’t great
  • At 83lbs, it’s quite heavy
The Briggs and Stratton P3000 is a remarkable model. It provides stable power. Also, it doesn’t consume much fuel. However, maintenance related issues seem to be a problem with this unit.

Sportsman GEN4000LP | Propane Generator for RV

Sportsman GEN4000LP

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Need more power and don’t want to connect two generators? The Sportsman GEN4000LP might be worth a look. Initially, you get a power output of 4000 watts. However, it maintains about 3250 watts subsequently.

The Sportsman GEN4000LP is powered by propane gas. The implication is fewer maintenance demands compared to gas-powered generators. The Sportsman GEN4000LP emits a lower amount of toxic fumes. This is in comparison to gas-powered ones. This is a plus in our need to reduce the occurrence of the greenhouse effect.

One notable detail about this RV generator is the high noise level. Disregard the 68dB rating. It’s louder than that. This propane generator for RV has features like the automatic oil shutdown and the automatic voltage regulator. These attributes protect your appliances and the unit as well.

With a propane cylinder of 20 lbs, you can run a considerate amount of load on the generator. The gas will last for several hours. This model weighs about 88 lbs. This is heavy which makes transportation difficult.

  • Decent power output
  • Environmental friendly device and safer than a gasoline-powered generator
  • Comes with a propane fuel hose and a regulator
  • It doesn’t take long to get this generator started
  • Bulky and heavy generator and its lack of wheels make transporting it difficult
  • No return policy on this product
  • A lot of complaints surrounding this generator
The Sportsman GEN4000LP is a powerful and environmental friendly generator. However, it falls flat in several aspects. This leaves it far down the pecking order among other gasoline models.

What is the best Recreational Vehicle Generator?

Deciding on which RV generator would be perfect for you depend on what you need in it. A recreational vehicle has everything you would find in a modern home.

There are variations based on an individual’s taste and budget. With that in mind, you need.

How much power do I need?

This is a critical question for those serious about getting a generator for RVs. Your recreational vehicle has several amenities. And most are dependent on power to function.

There are some camping sites which are considerate to the plight of RV owners. They provide power outlets for the luxury vehicle. This isn’t obtainable at every campsite. If you are going to be spending time in the middle of nowhere, then having your power source becomes imperative.

Your power need is dependent on the ratings of the appliances in your RV. This will depend on how useful such electronics will be on your trip. If you are going the outdoor approach and won’t be spending much time in the RV nor using the appliances within, then a small generator might be sufficient.

But a lot of people want to enjoy the pleasure of their air conditioner while camping. If you belong to this category, getting a powerful generator might be ideal for RV use.

What fuel would my generator use?

Fuel sources for generators vary widely. There are a lot of organic compounds available. For environmentalists, a generator based on a low carbon emission fuel would be ideal.

This isn’t a general concern. Many would readily sacrifice the worries about their environment for other personal reasons.

Your RV also determines the type of fuel the generator would use. If the recreational vehicle uses diesel, a diesel generator will be necessary. However, many RVs run on gasoline. This explains the popularity of the use of gas generators.

How loud is the generator?

The noise level of a generator plays a big role in your decision to purchase the unit or not. Noisy RV generators are often ignored if there are alternatives. No one likes the piercing sound generated by loud models.

The discomfort and the health hazard posed by the noise are not desirable. There’s the dB limit set by campsites and your neighbors to contend with as well. Frankly, more powerful generators are often noisier compared to others. You will have to look at the other possible uses of the generator. That is aside powering your RV.

Why buy an RV generator?

If you’re still unsure about the relevance of a generator for your RV, then read on. Usually, a few campsites have outlets for powering your RV appliances. But these campgrounds can be filled with other campers.

This means a lack of privacy. Don’t have a problem encountering unknown people? Then getting a generator for your RV shouldn’t be a priority for you.

Most desirable campsites do not have power outlets. This makes the presence of such device for your RV important. Unless of course you intend toiling the natural approach.

This will be a shame if your RV has all that upscale amenities which could make your trip pleasant. However, some campsites do not allow the use of a campfire. This leaves you with the use of your electrical cooking appliances. Apparently, you need to have a power source. A RV generator remains your best option.