A power outage is so frustrating!

What’s worse is going camping or out-of-the-office jobs without a dependable power source. No one finds it funny!

Been on your laptop completing a project or busy preparing a recipe for an evening party? – And off the light goes! You get it now right?

The good news is –power outage is no longer a problem. You have a myriad of alternative power supply for your comparison. The challenge is in making the best choice. Here’s what to do:

Strap in and sit tight while you grab these top three reviews of the best inverter generators.

The Best Inverter Generators – TOP 3 Reviews

We understand how difficult it is for you to choose from the many models and brands in the market. So we have researched and brought these top three best models review to help you make appropriate decisions for your home, work or leisure. They are of the best price, portable and with efficient performance.

Honda EU2000iChampion 73536iYamaha EF2000iS
45 lbs49 lbs45 lbs
2000/1600 watts2000/1700 watts2000/1600 watts
2 x AC 120V2 x 120V 20A outlets (5-20R)2 x 120V AC outlets 
DC outlet12V DC outletDC Outlet — 8A 12V
Super quiet53 dBA51.5 dBA at 1/4 load - 61 dBA

Honda EU2000i 2000 Watts Portable Generator

Honda EU2000I 2000 Watt Inverter Generator

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Very reliable and highly recommended! A high quality portable inverter generator from one of the top manufacturers, Honda EU2000i 2000 watt, is amongst the few inverters in the modern market you can vouch for. Customer reviews attest to this fact.

It’s good for its size and weight – 45 lbs. You know what the weight implies? High portability in all ramifications! Its noiseless operation with high efficiency of performance is plausible.

It’s a 2000 watt generator. It could give an output of 1600 watt rating. It could run up to 4 hours on ¼ loads and could run non-stop for 8 hours with just 1.1 gallons. It’s fitted with 2 AC and one DC outlet. It comes with a handle. Its engine is the biggest in its class. If you’re planning on going camping or need a power backup in your home or office, Honda EU2000i is no less your best option.

Take a look at why Honda EU2000i, one of the best portable generator models, you can buy:

  • It’s durable and user-friendly
  • Highly recommended according to reviews by customers
  • One-touch starting
  • Its large engine is an advantage; it could take heavier loads
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Could be carried about with ease
  • High fuel-efficient
  • Noiseless operation
  • Could power a wide range of appliances
  • Advanced inverter technology
  • It’s costly!

Champion 73536i

Champion 73536i 2000 Watt Stackable Portable Inverter Generator

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This is a small, compact model with a cubic-shape in a plastic casing. Champion 73536i is the best brand for your home emergency backup. Ideal for powering camping site, Champion 73536i is a good quality inverter for home appliances.

It is handy and could be easily carried by the handle. In dimensions, it measures 21.5 by 16.25 by 18.25. It weighs about 48 pounds. On a steady operation, it gives a maximum power surge of 2000 watt and an output of 1700 watts.

Do you notice the limitation? It could serve you up to 9 hours plus, with a full tank at 25 cents per load cost. Isn’t that incredible for a small inverter? It is!

The electricity it gives is of high quality and very reliable. Don’t worry about its power output! Merge two for double output.

Its longer lifespan is due to its variable speed technology. Variable speed technology also offers it protection from wear and tear.

  • Noiseless operation
  • Compact size and very efficient
  • Very portable due to its size and shape
  • Longevity
  • Clean energy production
  • Protection from environmental hazards
  • Can’t power air conditioners, furnaces, stoves and sump pumps
  • Not very common

Yamaha EF2000iS

Yamaha EF2000iSv2

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Here comes the advanced gas powered inverter generator. It’s also a top-rated inverter generator. It gives you a super quiet service. It has a variety of applications.

It features four-stroke engine. Yamaha EF2000iS normal AC output is 1600W; a maximum of 2000watt output – a limitation, you see! However, just like the Champion 73536i, it could be merged. This is called the twin-tech capability.

Its incredible design offers efficient heat dissipation, durability, and fuel consumption. You can rely on it! You wouldn’t have problems starting it. Yamaha EF2000iS employs CDI ignition system for quick starts. Its tank capacity is 1.1 gallon. It comes with a fuel gauge. On steady use, it could run up to 10 hours or more!

This Yamaha product has noise reduction technology. It features sound blocking device. The economy control switch is an interesting feature. It regulates engine speed according to load.

  • Fuel-efficient and optimal power output
  • Twin-tech parallel
  • Excellent noiseless operation
  • AC protector protects connected devices
  • Good control panels for start-up and output display
  • Very expensive
  • Could be noisy depending on the load
  • A single Yamaha 2000iS can’t power multiple devices

You Need To Know

Are you already considering one? You mustn’t go for a battery inverter – that’s a no-no option. A battery inverter is surely not what you need. It’s not a surprise your mind drifted to battery inverters immediately. It’s common! That’s the basic form of inverter technology you can think of.

Essentially, a battery inverter consists of a 12volt battery. It uses chemical energy to produce direct current and converts it to alternating 120v power.

You can easily run this type of inverter off of your car battery. It could be run off of a specially made deep-cycle battery. It’s a relatively affordable inverter. But wait, it has limited power supply:

Even if you opt for a battery inverter with greater capacity, you would need a reserve of long-lasting batteries, a charging system inclusive. That’s quite expensive for its job, isn’t that? A battery inverter of 2500 watt capacity would serve you eight hours at most. You must recharge the battery, by the way.

There are other options you have for better service. You could reduce your power demand. The normal battery inverter supplies power from a car battery at 80 minutes rating. It could run for three hours at 10 amps, 120Hz.

You can maximize output, however. How?

Buy a portable generator with inverter. Put it to work during the day, and at night, you could turn just a few light bulbs on the inverter.

Isn’t the whole process too demanding? Surely it is! This is why you need a better self-sufficient energy supply. And of course, you’d agree with me that model of over 2000 watt capacity is a good take. A fuel-powered inverter generator would do that!


What is an inverter generator?

We would go from the normal generator you know to the inverter generator. You’ve used the generator to power your home, your office in times of power outage, right?

Through the turning of its turbines and internal combustion engines, generators could give you electricity from mechanical energy.

Have you heard of electromagnetic induction?

It describes this process of electricity generation. In most cases, almost in all, generators make use of fossil fuels to generate electricity.

Don’t be curious, buddy, you would soon find out why!

According to Michael Faraday who discovered the process, electrical pressure – voltage – is created across the ends of a metal conductor when passed through a field of magnets. The voltage created is quite negligible and produces current in milliamperes.

This cannot power your common home appliances. To power such appliances, you’d need to wind millions of wire – say a copper wire – around a metal conductor. And you’d need an engine for the rotation. Here comes the fossil fuel.

The normal generator produces one unit of AC power from each turn of its engine. To generate the US standard 120 V, 60Hz electricity, a generator must run at 3600rpm, no matter the load. The implication is – more mechanical energy is used to produce less power output.

Recently, the invention of inverter generators changed the whole story. These devices are lighter, smaller and generate electricity with high efficiency and noiseless operation. They have the additional features of a rectifier and inverter circuit.

How does an inverter generator work?

This device produces electricity from each turn of the engine. Electricity produced by an inverter generator is a direct current (DC). It cannot be used in a home, so needs conversion. The inverter module converts the direct current into alternating current, the form you get from your wall outlets.

The alternating current from inverter generator is pure. They do some form of clean-up on the DC it modifies. So it’s safe to use this current on your microprocessor enabled device. These devices easily get damaged by overheating from the current from conventional generators.

What Features Do You Look Out for in a Good Inverter Generator?

Buying the best portable generator is a bit tasking. Don’t opt for those with cheap inverters. Here are the features to look out for:

1. Capacity – you should know the total power consumption of your home to help you decide the size and capacity of inverter generator to choose.

2. Manual Fuel Shut-off Switch – this is an important feature that helps guard against leakage and clogging of its fuel system

3. Low oil Automatic Shut-off indicator – this would help you know if your generator engine is lubricated enough or not.

4. A fuel Gauge – this does not automatically refuel your inverter tank. It helps you observe the level while you run the house chores or have your leisure!

5. Portability – you intend to go camping, RV rides or other outings with your generator? Portability should be in the top features!

Typical Uses of Inverter Generators

In times of power outage at homes and office:

A power outage is something you can’t envisage when it would happen. Storms and other forms of natural disaster could cause a power outage for days, weeks or even months. Guard against it! Make a budget for an inverter generator to circumvent this. Don’t wait till it happens. You could end up with the wrong choice when in a haste!

At Construction Sites:

This device is indispensable for your on-site construction works, especially in remote areas. Go for the models with wheels and handle. They make smooth your job and are quite cost-effective when you consider the large power output from the little fuel consumption of inverter generators.

At Leisure sites:

Camping, going for RV rides and lots of other outdoor activities are also where you put inverter generators to their best use, especially when you need to keep up with an office task when camping.

Benefits and Drawbacks of the Portable Inverter Generator

Hope you kept track with us? You must have gathered some of the benefits of the inverter generator. Let’s make the points more lucid.

The inverter generator runs quietly:

It has a noiseless operation. You know that kind of nuisance caused by the standard portable generators? – Either from yours or neighbors? It’s quite annoying, right? You can have your home powered by a generator without knowing it. Buy an inverter generator!

Lighter and Smaller:

It’s a marvel to know the power output from these lightweight small appliances. You know what? The smallest of the normal generators is incomparable to the biggest portable ones.

Greater Efficiency with Less Fuel Consumption:

This shouldn’t be a surprise to you. These devices are about 20% more fuel efficient than their conventional counterparts. Remember their working!

Clean Energy Production:

Do you remember the working of portable inverter generators? – And the current they produce? They clean up the AC output. This cleaned-up energy is safe for delicate and sensitive electrical appliances.

Of course, the major drawback with portable models is their price. They are expensive to purchase. You pay more per kilowatt in a portable inverter generator.