Are you one of those people that take your electric supply for granted? Incidents such as severe storms and accidents can certainly interrupt your local power supply. Not to mention, when driving in your car or going camping you may have no access to AC power.

That is why many people like to keep a high quality portable power supply on hand. We have researched hundreds of customer reviews on several rechargeable power sources. Here are those that consumers think to work the best.

The Best Portable Power Sources for Camping – TOP 5 Reviews

According to reviews by customers, these are the 5 top-rated rechargeable generator products. They are great to have as a portable camping power supply. They are even good to use as an emergency battery backup.

Jackery PowerProAnker Emergency Battery BackupDuracell Powerpack Pro 1300BLACK+DECKER PPRH5BPAXCESS Emergency Power Supply
12.5 pounds9.26 pounds23 pounds20 pounds3.3 pounds
500 Wh434 Wh18 Ah17 Ah150 Wh
2 USB ports4 USB ports2 USB ports1 USB port2 USB ports
2 x 12V DC12V DC socket12V DC socket12V DC socket3 x 12V DC socket
110V AC outlet110V AC outlet2 x 110V AC outlet2 x 110V AC outlet2 x 110V AC outlet

#5. Jackery PowerPro Portable Rechargeable Power Supply for Camping

Jackery Explorer-Power Pro

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Here is a camping battery pack that can be great to have on the trail or when you need energy at a moment’s notice. It also gets a high rating from those that have bought and used it.

Among its best features are its large 500 watt-hour output capacity, 6 hour AC recharge time and the fact it weighs only 12.5 pounds. It also has an easy to carry design. It can even be charged by using the solar panel that is made for it too (sold separately). When in comparison with most other highly recommended models, this one is definitely the most budget friendly to choose.

#4. Anker Emergency Battery Backup

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In case you are wondering what makes this rechargeable portable power supply for camping so special, it’s because of its great features. It has a 434 watt-hour power supply and an excellent quality lithium-ion storage battery. Those make this a great product to purchase.

Anker is also known to be one of the best brand names in the battery pack industry. They do things like making sure their battery packs are lightweight in design and easy to carry. This Anker battery pack is even backed up by a no questions asked 18-month warranty.

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#3. Duracell Powerpack Pro 1300

Duracell Powerpack Pro 1300

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If there is one of the best brands out there when it comes to companies that know batteries it has to be Duracell. This instant energy source from them is said to be very good quality by those that review it. That alone makes a pretty nice statement about how well this product is made.

This model battery pack is nice to carry along with you in your vehicle. That is because it has built-in jumper cables and the ability to jumpstart your vehicle with 300 peak amps of power. It even has a built-in 160 PSI air compressor and pressure gauge.

You will like the fact it can be used as a 12v power supply or as an 115V electric supply too. It will even recharge or supply power to USB enabled devices also.

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#2. BLACK+DECKER PPRH5B Portable Power Station

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Are you looking for a product that has multiple rechargeable outlets and can be bought at the best price? Then you will be very keen to check out this battery pack made by Black & Decker.

This camping power station may be low in cost but please don’t mistake it for being a cheap power pack. It comes well-equipped with jumper cables, a 120 PSI air compressor and a handy built-in LED light. The casing on it is even designed with a sturdy molded carrying handle.

It also includes 1-12V socket, 2-110V AC plugs and 2 USB ports. This model will definitely enable you to enjoy some creature comforts when out in the woods.

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#1. PAXCESS Emergency Power Supply

100-Watt Portable Generator Power Inverter

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Here is a great generator for camping trip use or to just keep in your closet at home for emergency power. It’s a highly rated battery power source that can run or recharge a large variety of AC, DC and USB corded items.

Best of all it comes in a lightweight (3.3 pounds) and easy to carry design. If you own it you never have to worry about being without electric no matter where you go.

It is loaded with such good features as a high capacity lithium-ion battery and a large easy to read LED display. This Paxcess product comes equipped with 3 built-in 12V sockets, 2-110V AC outlets and 2 convenient USB ports too. Another nice thing about this battery pack is that it can be fully recharged in 8 hours.

For those of you that are interested in purchasing ‘green’ items, this can even be recharged with an optional solar panel.

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Why Do You Need a Portable Power Supply?

We have talked about how rechargeable power supplies can be invaluable to you when you are camping. There are other great reasons to have one on hand too. Here are some other reasons why people like to own such portable devices:

For emergency power

As was mentioned, you never know when your home will suddenly lose power and need an affordable good power source. One of these rechargeable battery packs may even save a life if someone in your household depends on power to run a specialized piece of medical equipment.

For vehicle use

Buying a spare power source to keep in your vehicle to recharge a cell phone or power your smart tablet is never a bad idea. Many such devices are also designed to inflate tires and jumpstart your car.

For use on a boat

Very few boats have power outlets yet you may still use your phone for navigation and communication while riding in them. It’s always nice to have a power source on your boat to enable to recharge a cell phone or run a portable CD player.

For tailgating

If you are going tailgating before your next big sporting event you will have so many uses for a rechargeable battery pack. You can run an electric stove, turn on some lighting or even catch another game on a portable TV before your big game starts.