I am confident I speak for you when I say:

Unexpected power outages can be frustrating.

On the positive side, the situation isn’t helpless. Solar powered generators could be the perfect fix. Maintenance isn’t much of an issue here. And don’t forget, they leave no burden on the environment.

Renogy Phoenix Solar Generator KitSuaoki 400Wh Solar GeneratorKalisaya KP401 KaliPAKGoal Zero Yeti 400Plug N Play Kit with Wagan Powerpack
16Ah Li-ion Replaceable444Wh, 120Ah384Wh, 26Ah Li-Ion Battery396Wh (33Ah)26Ah battery
2 x 10W Solar PanelsDC 12V 2 x 3A40W solar panel120W 12V ports25ft of wire
1 x AC, 2 x DC Output PortsUSB 5V 4 x 3.5A2 x 12V DC ports2.1A USB ports30 watt 12v solar panel
4 x USB Output PortsCigarette Socket 12V 120W4 x USB ports12V lead-acid batteryKisae 800 portable powerpack
12.8 pounds12.35 pounds13 pounds29 pounds30 pounds

In these reviews by customers, you will be well informed on the best solar generators available right now! Keep reading.

Renogy Phoenix Solar Generator Kit

Renogy Phoenix Portable Generator

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Are you interested in portable solar generators? The Phoenix Solar generator kit is one you might want to consider. Renogy brand is one of the best brands in the industry. Their Phoenix kit weighs about 12.8 lbs. You wouldn’t be burdened by a heavy power source.

It is equipped with a 150 watts inverter. This delivers stable power suitable for sensitive appliances. The use of a 20 watts solar panel is limiting. You will need to increase the number of solar panels to maximize the potential of the inverter.

The plastic case of this device is of good quality. The system comes with a 16 AH lithium-ion battery for storage of power. Charge time using the system varies for each appliance. This high quality portable solar generator has several ports so you can connect your devices directly.

The compact nature of this model is remarkable. It can be moved around quickly without stress. There’s an LCD on the side. This provides charging information for the battery and the operational status of the kit.

You can turn on the Phoenix generator using the power button. By pressing either the AC or DC buttons, power supply through the respective ports is achieved.

  • The battery is replaceable
  • The system is both lightweight and portable
  • It delivers clean, stable energy. This is great for every type of gadget
  • Power output isn’t spectacular
  • The kit is sensitive to extreme temperatures
  • Charging time for devices which store power is rather slow
The Phoenix solar generator is a decent power supply kit. It is compact and doesn’t weigh a ton. It’s not the ideal choice for massive power consuming appliances. But it is great for sensitive devices.

Suaoki 400Wh/120,000mAh Portable Solar Generator

Suaoki 400Wh_120,000mAh Portable Solar Generator

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Looking to purchase a powerful solar generator kit? The Suaoki could be what you need. It has a power output of about 300Wh. This should cater for a wild array of appliances. You don’t have to worry about noise. The generator is relatively quiet.

You can connect your sensitive devices to the kit. It delivers power with reduced alterations. There’s an LCD tray. This provides information about the battery and the AC/DC status.

It has different ports visible on the sides; AC and DC ports inclusive. Some are for charging the unit. Others are to allow you charge your appliances. There are USB ports for your gadgets. Also, the system can be used to jump-start your car. This is especially helpful in an emergency.

It does not come with any solar panel. So, you will need to get that separately. This option doesn’t weigh much. It can be carried around with ease. There’s a lithium-ion battery which stores power.

  • Power output is commendable
  • It is lightweight and not cumbersome
  • Almost noiseless operation
  • The Suaoki solar generator can be considered affordable
  • It doesn’t come with a solar panel. This adds to the cost of the entire setup.
  • When using the USB ports, energy losses are recorded in the Inverter. This is due to the single switch for both (inverter and the USB ports).
This is a good model. Its power output is astonishing. But its lack of an accompanying solar panel could be its undoing. The lightweight nature of this unit makes it desirable.

Kalisaya KP401 KaliPAK Solar Generator System

Kalisaya KP401

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The KaliPAK is a portable and trendy option. It has a power output of about 384 watts. This should be perfect if you’re always on the move. A 40-watt solar panel ensures you can tap into the Sun’s huge energy reserve.

It comes with a shoulder strap for easy transportation while walking. The weight of 13 lbs makes this even better. This model has USB and DC ports. This enables you plug-in your appliances with ease. A lithium-ion battery of 26AH stores up power.

Aside from the solar panels, the KaliPAK can be charged by connecting it to a socket. Your car cigarette’s port can be used to charge this top-rated solar generator. Keep track of the battery usage of the solar generator using the KaliPAK app. It is available on different platforms and uses Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Battery stores ample amount of power
  • It delivers clean, stable power
  • It can hold some of your belongings while you are on the move
  • It is expensive
The KaliPAK KP401 would make a decent buy. Customer reviews confirm the efficacy of the system. It’s a great companion for your camping trips and when the grid fails.

Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Powered Generator

Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator

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Goal Zero’s Yeti 400 is another solar generator system worth buying. The unit is sold without solar panels. That can be purchased separately. A lead acid battery with a rating of 33Ah stores energy. This can be used later.

An LCD display provides information about the state of the battery. The power supply status of the unit is also highlighted. A push of a button lights this display in the dark.

There are several ports for easy charging of your appliances. Each kind of port has a personalized switch. The system is portable and lightweight. This makes it easy to carry around.

This good solar power generator uses an inverter technology. The outcome is stable power output which is great for your devices. The Yeti 400 can be charged up through a wall socket or the port in your car. You can also use the sun’s energy to charge the unit through solar panels.

  • Portable system
  • Well thought-out construction
  • The power output is low considering the cost of the unit
  • The use of a lead acid battery is quite limiting
  • Charging time is rather slow
The Yeti 400 could be regarded as a portable power pack. It could be beneficial for less rated appliances. A significant drawback is the use of a lead-acid battery.

Plug N Play Kit with Wagan Powerpack by Offgridsolargenerators

Plug N Play Kit with Wagan Powerpack Check Price on Amazon

This is one of the more affordable solar generators in this review. The plug n play kit is equipped with a 26Ah lead acid battery. This store the power supplied to the system for use later. A 30 watts polycrystalline solar panel harnesses the sun’s energy.

The entire solar system doesn’t weigh much. The power pack is compact and portable. There’s a well-placed handle for convenient transportation of the unit. The solar panel has a long wire for adequate use of the solar generator.

A myriad of ports enables efficient charging of your appliances. The drawback is the list of ‘chargeable’ appliances is limited. The generator apparently can’t power some devices. This is regardless of the amount of energy stored.

The initial charging time of the unit is shocking! A whopping 35 hours! It would serve as a cheap solar backup. Reviews by customers points to a limited use of this solar generator.

  • Cheap unit
  • The long wire of the solar panel is a big plus
  • It doesn’t charge many common appliances
  • The lead acid battery isn’t great
The plug n play kit is an emergency unit. It is not recommended for everyday use. Not even for camping. The power storage capacity is rather low.

How Does Solar Power Generator Work?


A lot of people are not well-informed of the mechanism of solar generators.

Some think solar panels store charges. Obviously, this is untrue.

Let’s face the fact!

A solar generator usually consists of two parts:

  • A solar panel
  • A power pack

The solar panel provides the avenue for harnessing the sun’s energy. Solar panels work on the principle of the photoelectric effect. Photovoltaic cells which are abundant on the average panel capture the sun’s energy. The heat is converted to the electric charge. This is achieved through the semiconductors in the cells.

The electricity disbursed to the power pack is often in the DC format. Here it is converted to the alternating current (AC). However, the direct current (DC) can be used through some of the ports provided.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Solar Generator


Purchasing a solar generator is a big deal!

You exchange your hard earned money.

So, before you go on to get a unit, here are a few factors worth pondering:

Acquaint yourself with your power needs

Knowing the amount of power you consume on the average is important. Watt calculators come to mind. Many manufacturers have created web pages dedicated to this subject. Research!

Your use of a solar generator could be influential. If it’s for home use, the setup will vary. Solar panels capable of capturing just the required amount of power will be needed. A power pack consisting of the battery is also essential.

For an off-the-grid arrangement, you will need to choose larger solar panels and bigger batteries. The reason is simple. All your appliances will be relying on the generator. It’s a big ask which only a big setup can solve.

Your budget

This is a common denominator when it comes to purchasing top portable generators. Getting a solar model is not exempted. Regardless of your power needs, they are not cheap. Just the solar panels could cause dents in your finances. Add the battery and the cost skyrockets.

If you’re looking at more than just a solar backup, the entire setup will only get bigger. The outcome is an increase in the overall cost. On the positive side, maintenance is rather easy. Also, your electricity bills are greatly reduced.

Climatic conditions

These generators depend on the sun’s energy. If you reside in areas with very little sunlight, avoid this setup. You don’t want to spend a substantial amount of money on a non-productive arrangement.

Available space

If you live in a place with limited space on the outside, this system might not work for you. Solar panels need to have access to intense sunlight. This explains the use of rooftops. But not everyone has access to this part of the house.

Benefits of Using Solar Generators

You might be wondering:

What do I stand to gain going solar?

The answer is a lot.

Here are some of the many gains of using solar generators:

Lower energy bills

This is one of the biggest benefits of using such devices. After the initial investment, the recurrent expenses are relatively small. If you go completely off the grid using solar, you can say goodbye to those bills.

Clean energy

Unlike their gas counterpart, solar generators do not negatively affect the environment. Fossil fuels are known for their immense carbon emissions. Engaging in the use of solar energy is a cleaner alternative in comparison to gas-powered generators. No fume, less noise and it’s safe.

Abundant fuel

Solar models utilize the sun’s energy to produce power. Just like gas units use petroleum. Living in a place with abundant sunshine means you wouldn’t have to worry about power. Sunlight is all you need!