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Amidst the countless disagreements and conflicts, there is one thing most people can agree to, and that is the frustrations that come when a power outage happens. It is disruptive to work, involves health risks, and can potentially cost unplanned expenses. The best solution would be getting yourself a portable generator. There are countless generators, however, and picking just one may prove challenging.

When you’re looking to buy the best-rated portable generator, there is only one brand to look for and that is Generac. They are a well-known, established and reliable manufacturer of portable generators.

Generac 6719 IX Series 2000

Generac 6719 IX Series 2000

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The Generac 6719 IX Series 2000 holds the best price on this list. It is designed with two 5-20R outlets that are protected by EOP (electronic overload protection). It can provide your home with 2000 running watts and 2200 starting watts. It also is conveniently quiet for you and your neighbors. With its very portable weight of 52 lbs, you can bring this generator to your long-lasting camping adventures. This generator also surprisingly lasts longer than most with a running time of 4.7 hours at ¼ load on a 0.82 gal of tank capacity.

Although Generac generators are usually made from China which is infamous for manufacturing defective products, this particular brand proves it isn’t always the case. With very positive customer reviews around the internet, it is no doubt one of the recommended few out there.

Generac 5747

Generac 5747 Generator

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One of the most powerful portable generators, the Generac 5747 provides runs at 8000 watt and 10000 starting watts. It is also designed with easy functionality with its single touch electric start. To add, it features a LED control panel and a PowerBar for user’s convenience. It is also designed with a Low-oil pressure shutdown that should help safeguard the engine from potential damage, adding to its durability.

Although this generator is highly acclaimed by users with positive reviews, it does come with a cost and it is not cheap. Weighing in its pros and cons, the Generac 5747 is still considered to be one of the best portable generators, not only among Generac’s but among other brands as well.

Generac 6866 iQ2000

Generac 6866 iQ2000 Generator

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Generac 6866 iQ2000 is the best-valued generator on this list that can provide a power of 2000 watt and 1600 running watts. As claimed by the manufacturer, it is smarter and quieter than Honda. This generator is designed with an easy-to-use dial that includes the start, run and stop functions. It also features a PowerBar monitor on which to display the amount of wattage used. What makes this generator one of the finest is that it can run for 7.7 hours long at 25% load, and has a low noise level. You can also prolong the duration by joining in two units together through the use of a parallel kit that you can purchase separately. To add, you can effortlessly carry this generator anywhere you may go with its portable weight of only 46.2 pounds. The manufacturer offers a 3-year service warranty.