Champion 46539 3500 Watt RV Ready

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If you own an RV or a remote cabin a good portable generator can be a handy item to have. This model from the reputable Champion Company is very highly rated. That is why we decided to take a closer look at it.

It has many features that you only see on the best generator models. Its nice 3500-watt power is something that is good to have available to you on a moment’s notice. You can even use it in tandem with another Champion 100302 unit. This generator is solidly built too. It comes with a 3-year limited warranty to back that claim up.

  • 3500 watts power
  • RV Ready
  • Digital Hybrid design (quieter and lighter)
  • Built-in 120V RV socket, 2- 120V household plugs, a 12V plug and 2-USB ports
  • Can be used in tandem with another Champion 100302 generator
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • It has no wheels to help you move its 80+ pound weight
  • No dual fuel capability

With this unit you can power up almost any electrical device. That makes it a nice unit to have for camping and RV use. It’s also a good portable generator for your work. It features a built-in 120V RV socket and 2- 120V household plugs. It’s strong enough to even power up your RV’s AC.

At 80 pounds it’s a little hard to move around but once you get it in place it works great. If your work needs portable power it can easily be mounted on your truck too. You can also attach it to a wheeled cart to make it more lightweight and portable.

From all that we have found out about this product we think it would be a great backup generator for anyone. The many good reviews by customers that we have read only back this statement up even more.