Do you own a home, RV or remotely located cabin? Then you may want to seriously think about buying a stand-alone generator so you have some auxiliary power standing by in case you need it.

When you lose power and have no backup device you will not only lose the ability to use your creature comforts but you also risk losing other things too. The most important of which are your ability to charge your all-important phone and also possibly losing several hundred dollars’ worth of food in your refrigerator. That is why many people choose to own a backup portable generator and the brand many of those people choose is Champion Generators.

The TOP 5 CHAMPION Generator Models

Here is a brief overview of what we feel are the best 5 model generators that Champion manufacturing has to offer:

Champion 46539 3500 Watt Generator

Champion 46539 3500 Watt RV Ready Portable Generator

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This Champion 3500 watt generator is an outstanding value. It is a model that is 100% RV ready. It has all the necessary features that make an RV generator nice to own such as a wireless remote start, a combination of specialty RV outlets and rugged oversize wheels to move it wherever you want.

This unit generates 3500 watts of power consistently thanks to its 4-stroke OHV 196 cc engine. You get some good peace of mind with this generator too because it comes with a 2-year limited warranty from the manufacturer. It’s no wonder that several customer reviews rate this model generator so highly.

There were a few concerns we had with this Champion model generator too. It could use a few more regular power outlets for those that purchase it for home use. The battery that comes with it could stand an upgrade too because some users had a hard time starting the generator during the colder months.

Champion 100263 3400 Watt Generator

Champion 100263 3400 Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator

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You will not find too many generators that are as versatile as this nice duel fuel generator from Champion. It has every feature you could possible want in a generator for RV or home use. It can run 7 ½ hours on a tank of gas and over 14 hours when using a 20-pound propane gas tank.

It features several regular outlets and two specialty RV 120V receptacles. This model Champion generator is conveniently powered on using its electric start switch and comes with an efficient 192cc engine. It’s also a very portable and quiet stand-alone generator product.

You would be hard-pressed to find a better working generator in the 3400 watt range. During the review of this item, we were continually impressed with all the great features that are built into it.

We did see some possible issues with this model generator too. The gas tank could be made to have a little bigger capacity and adding a remote control capability would be a big bonus too.

Champion 73536i 2000 Watt Generator

Champion 73536i 2000 Watt Stackable Portable Inverter Generator

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This is a very small but handy generator to have in a pinch if your electricity should go out unexpectedly or you need electricity in a remote location. It’s a model generator that is stackable so it can conveniently be used in tandem with other portable generators without taking up extra room. That can come in very handy for projects where you need extra auxiliary power in a tight space.

What else makes this a good portable generator? For one, it’s a very quiet running and portable unit. It weighs less than 50 pounds and generates less than 54 decibels of noise when it operates. It comes with two standard household electric receptacles and a 12V plug that comes in handy for charging batteries too.

There were a few concerns we had with this generator product. According to the specs, it is underpowered for uses that require a large amount of continuous electricity. You would not want to try and use it to power a big RV or a big air conditioning unit. If Champion enlarged the capacity of the gas tank slightly that would be a big improvement too.

Champion 76533 3800 Watt Generator

Champion Power Equipment 76533 Portable Generator

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This is a perfect generator to take with you as you travel around in your RV or to give you some extremely portable power around your home. It is completely RV ready and despite its weight, its oversized wheels make it very easy to move around.

The individual list of features it has is eye catching to say the least. These include such things as a push button electric start, the ability to run on gas or propane and its wide variety of outlets that are built into it.

This generator is powered by a decent sized 224cc engine. That is enough to give you 4500 watts of starting power and a continuous 3800 watt flow of electricity where you need it.

This generator was not perfect as we did find a few possible drawbacks with purchasing it. Some users thought it was a little bit to the loud side for one. Also, many complained that the instructional manual could have been written better so it was easier to understand.

Champion 100161 7500 Watt Generator

Champion Power Equipment 100161 7500 Watt

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If you need a generator that will deliver some serious power then look no further. This Champion model generator is a beast that will keep your refrigerator, freezer and several other appliances running in the event of a power outage. It’s also fully RV ready and can handle the electricity needs of even the largest size RV’s.

It is powered by a well-built 439cc engine that is efficient enough to run up to 8 hours on a single tank of gas. This 7500 watt generator also features several different 120/240V receptacles that are capable of handling any power plugin needs around your home or for your recreational vehicle. The household outlets are conveniently GFI protected to insure you and your guests’ safety too.

As well as this unit is built we did have some concerns with it too. Some complained it was a bit noisy when running but that is not totally uncommon for this size generator. Many users also thought that the protective rubber covers for the outlets were a little flimsy and may not last as long as they should.