Certainly, I am not alone when I say:

Meeting those huge power needs can be exacting.

But there’s a solution. Predator generators remain the answer. They have more power in comparison to your regular units.

Predator 8750 PeakPredator 4000 PeakPredator 2000 PeakPredator 6500 Peak
8750/7000 watts4000/3200 watts2000/1600 watts6500/5500 watts
2 x 120V@20A duplex outlets, 3 prong2 x 120V@20A duplex outlets2 x 120VAC grounded outlets4 x 120V@20A
1 x 120V@20A twist lock outlet, 3 prong1 x 240V@30A twist lock outlet, 4 prong1 x DC-12V Two Pin Outlet1 x 240V@30A
1 x 240V, 30A twis1 x 12V DC outletSound rating (dB) 66 dBHeavy Duty 1-1/4" Steel Roll Cage
220 pounds99 pounds54 pounds200 pounds

In this predator generator reviews, you will find out everything there’s to know about units in this category.

Predator 8750 Peak/7000 Running Watts Generator

8750 Peak

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Predator is one the best brands in the industry. The Predator 8750 is a unit capable of massive power generation. It delivers a power output of about 7000 watts. This model has a 420cc gasoline engine.

It has a weight of 183lb which makes it bulky. Noise level is on the high side. A decibel rating of 76 dB affirms this.

With a modest load, a full tank could last beyond 10 hours. The Predator 8750 watts generator has several outlets you can plug-in certain appliances. Each outlet has flaps for protection against the elements.

This 7000 watts generator unit works on an electric start mechanism. So, it’s relatively easy to start. However, you will need a battery which is sold separately. There’s the conventional pull start recoil available as well.

To protect your appliances, this high quality 8750 watts generator has circuit breakers. This can be reset. It has a solid frame which is made of steel. It has an indicator for a low oil level. As a protective mechanism, it shuts down when the oil is low.

  • This device is well made
  • With an output of about 7000 watts, power wouldn’t be a problem
  • The solid steel frame delivers maximum protection for the generator’s parts
  • Fewer repairs to worry about
  • It is cheap compared to similar models
  • Heavy making it difficult to move around
  • Noise level could be disturbing
  • It has some of its sensitive parts made of plastic. This makes them less durable

Predator 4000 Peak/3200 Running Watts Generator

4000 Peak

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This isn’t as powerful as the previous model described. But it does hold its own. It delivers a power output of 3200 watts. While this isn’t exactly overwhelming, it should suffice for most appliances.

It has outlets which you can plug-in your appliances directly. These outlets lack the flaps seen in the previous unit. The Predator 4000 watts generator has a 212cc/6.5 gas engine. The fuel tank has a capacity of 4 gallons. At an average load, you should get about 10 hours of use on a full tank.

It has an indicator for when the oil level is low. This should come in handy in knowing when to top-up the oil in the generator. Also, the unit shuts down if the oil is low. This protects the engine against damage.

The frame of this option is made of steel. This should provide its sensitive parts with ample protection. It is quite loud. A decibel rating hovering around 72dB within a few meters is sufficient proof.

This unit weighs about 110lbs. This is heavy so discard thoughts on lifting it on your own. It is not an electric start generator. This unit uses the pull and starts recoil which is the conventional approach.

  • It has a great look
  • Decent power output
  • It could run for hours
  • Easy to start
  • This is not a quiet generator
  • Reviews by customers point to the need for a stabilizer should you intend using sensitive appliances
  • It can’t be considered affordable

Predator 2000 Peak/1600 Running Watts Generator

2000 Peak

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Want to choose a portable generating set for your home? Then consider this top-rated Predator generator. You get a power output of 1600 watts. It possesses parallel capability function if you desire more power.

It weighs 47lbs. This makes it easy to carry. It is a good portable generator by Predator. Also, it has a conveniently placed handle. Using your sensitive appliances is possible with this generator. Why? It delivers stable power due to its inverter attribute.

This unit uses a 79.7cc Predator engine. It has an ESC throttle switch. This is for a lower amount of load, increased fuel economy and noise reduction. At about 50% load, the Predator 2000 watts generator could run for higher than 4 hours on a full tank. Noise level is low. A decibel rating of about 66 dB affirms that.

Typically, you can start this model by pulling the cord located on the side. A side panel provides access to the oil port. It has a LED indicator for low oil level. It has several ports so you can plug several appliances directly.

  • This unit is lightweight
  • The inverter property makes it indispensable
  • It is a very portable generator
  • Delivers sufficient power
  • Starts without much effort
  • Much more affordable compared to similar models
  • It lacks an oil filter
  • Customer reviews suggest it’s difficult to start in the cold

Predator 6500 Peak/5500 Running Watts Generator

6500 Peak

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This is another model from the reputed Predator brand. It’s capable of delivering a power output of about 5500 watts.

This should cater for most appliances in your home. It uses a 420 CC gas engine. This translates to a cooler generator with enhanced performance.

It has a LED indicator. This provides information about the level of the oil in the unit. A steel frame provides some form of protection for the generator.

There are several receptacles on the unit for easy connection of your appliances. Each outlet is equipped with a flap acting as a cover when not in use.

This unit weighs around 220 lb. So, it is apparently heavy. To salvage the situation, it is often sold with a wheel kit. You should find moving this generator easier with this crucial accessory. There’s an air filter for improved performance.

The 6500 watts generator comes with a small toolkit. This should come in handy when replacing the spark plug or disassemble the generator. The fuel tank capacity is about 6.6 gallons. At about 50% load, you get a runtime of about 10 hours on a full tank.

  • It is a good quality generator
  • Power output is outstanding
  • It has a reasonable fuel economy
  • Noise level is on the high side
  • Very heavy generator

Things to Consider When Buying a Predator Generator


A lot of people believe their budget remains paramount in their choice of a generator.

This is wrong.

There are several factors you need to look at before purchasing a Predator generator.

Below are some of these factors:

Energy Capacity

Every model defers in power output. Apparently, your ideal generator should be capable of delivering the amount of power you need. Opting for a unit with a lower power output is a bad idea. It doesn’t power your essential appliances.

There’s also the possibility of purchasing a unit with more power output than required. This isn’t wise either since the generator is well used.

Energy Efficiency

How is the fuel burnt to your desired generator? This is the question you will need to answer before purchasing a unit. It is unavoidable. The energy efficiency affects the power output of the generator. Want to spend less money on fuel? Having a generator with high energy efficiency is vital.


Predator generators are well built. However, there are several variations across the different models. For instance: some units are much heavier compared to others. If you will be moving the generator a lot, lightweight models are recommended. The presence of features such as outlets varies with the unit. Apparently, the design of a generator remains a crucial factor. So, before buying one, you will need to consider the design of the unit.


A generator provides power when you need it. You wouldn’t want it to break down at those critical times. So, durability is extremely vital. Most Predator generators are built to last. However, you will need to consider the thoughts of past buyers regarding such units.

Maintenance Needs

Generators require a consistent maintenance culture. This ensures they function at an optimal level. The Predator models are not an exception. The use of fuel by these units is responsible for a significant portion of their issues. If you don’t intend using your generating set often, you will need to drain the fuel. Otherwise, you will be faced with the difficulty of starting the generator.

Other maintenance demands might warrant changing defective parts. This adds to cost of using each unit. So, tread carefully.


The capacity of the generator is closely related to its power output. But there’s a big difference. The output highlights the amount of power the generator can churn out consistently. The capacity refers to both the running watts and the peak watts. The benefit of the peak rating is observable when using appliances which huge power demands.

You will take note of the peak watts of the generator if you intend running appliances with higher ratings.

Ease of Use

Is the generator easy to start? Does it require a lot of protocols to use? These are questions you will need to answer before making a purchase.

Predator generators are easy to start and use. You will need to turn on the set and adjust the choke. Then pull the start cord. Most units could take several pulls to get started. Predator models are unique. A single pull and the generator starts. This is explained by the special carburetor incorporated into each unit.

Starting a generator could be difficult in an extremely cold weather. It’s like getting a heater to burst into flames on a single try on a cold night! While it is not impossible, it doesn’t often happen. However, with several attempts, you should get your generator started.

Safety Features

Generators can put your life at risk if not used properly. They are not built for indoor use. This is attributed to a build-up of carbon monoxide. Your actions could also affect the performance of the generating set. Oiling is a good example. If a unit is not well oiled, the generator could break down. This leaves you with alarming cost not budgeted for. To prevent such a situation, most Predator units have LED indicators. This light up when the oil level is low.

Certain appliances are very sensitive to power alterations. This means you will need a power supply which doesn’t fluctuate. Many generators fall short in this segment. But not the Predator brand. They often have circuit breakers to protect your appliances. In some models, you might need to stabilize the power supplied.

There are several other safety features present in a Predator generator. You will need to look at these attributes before you decide to purchase.


This is an extremely crucial factor you will need to take into consideration. Regardless of the type of generator you desire or need; your budget could alter your decision. The best price of each unit varies with their attributes. The bigger the capacity, the more costly it becomes.

The presence of several other features could also influence the price. For instance: in some units, there are air filters while some others lack this feature. The presence of this singular part could alter the cost of a unit. You will need to keep this in mind when initiating a purchase.

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