100-Watt Portable Generator Power Inverter

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Do you have some emergency electrically powered medical equipment at home? Have you ever thought about what might happen to the ability of that equipment to work in the event of a power failure? That is why many people purchase power stations like the PAXCESS 100-Watt Emergency Power Supply to have on hand in the event of a capacity loss.

Take a look at some of the good features and some of the drawbacks with owning this charging station:

  • High capacity lithium power
  • Lightweight and Portable 3.3 pounds
  • Includes 3-12V socket, 2-110v AC plugs and 2 USB ports
  • 8 hour full recharge time
  • Large LED battery meter
  • Solar recharge panel compatible (sold separately)
  • It drains fairly quickly if charging or powering up more than one device at a time
  • Charging off your car battery is very slow

This is not like some other power stations that are big and heavy to move around. It’s a Paxcess product that ways a mere 4.4 pounds. That means it stores easily and can go just about anywhere with you. This also makes it the perfect rechargeable portable power supply for camping too.

It’s a power inverter/charger that you can plug a variety of items into thanks to its 3 – 12V sockets, 2 USB ports and its 2-115V AC outlets. Its forceful lithium-ion batteries charge in less than 8 hours and hold that charge for months at a time.


That makes this product a great emergency backup capacity source, a handy auxiliary energy source for your vehicle or a very useful item to have with you on your next camping trip.

You even have the option to purchase the solar battery charger that is made for (not included in the package) to make this among the greenest charging products you can buy.

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