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One not-so-popular question among many is: What is the smallest portable generator?

But we all want a handy one. Or don’t you? I know I do.

They are easy to transport. You don’t require much effort moving them. And let’s not forget the storage advantage they have.

This has necessitated the need for this review of the smallest portable generators on sale right now. This comes at the expense of some thorough research on our part.

Yamaha EF1000iSChicago Electric Generators 800 Rated WattsPorta Source IG800W Mini InverterWEN 56125i
1000/900 watts900/800 watts800/700 watts1250/1000 watts
14.9 x 9.4 x 17.7 in20 x 15 x 16 in14 x 8.2 x 15.6 in12.5 x 9 x 17 in
27.9 pounds38.5 pounds20 pounds31.6 pounds
2 x 110V AC1 x 120V outlet1 x 120V AC2 x three-prong 120V receptacles
1 x 12V DCCircuit breaker protection1 x 12V DC2 x 5V USB ports

So, please read on and pick the best generator!

Yamaha EF1000iS Smallest Gas Portable Inverter

Yamaha EF1000iS Generator CARB Compliant

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Looking to purchase a small gas generator with great fuel economy? The Yamaha EF1000iS could fit that requirement. The Yamaha brand is one of the best brands in the industry. It weighs about 28 lbs what makes it quite portable. This unit is equipped with an ergonomic handle making transportation easy.

It runs on gasoline with a tank capacity of a little less than a gallon. This Yamaha EF1000iS delivers a power output of about 1000 watts initially. The inverter technology of this high-quality tiny generator safeguards your sensitive appliances.

There’s an economy mode for improved fuel efficiency. With such a mode, you can enjoy the operation of this generator. Far beyond 10 hours. The smart throttle load attribute gives you control over the activity of the engine. This should come in handy in regulating fuel usage.

You can access all of the attributes of this top-rated small portable generator. Just with its control panel. This can be done by pressing a button. The EF1000iS has a noise reduction design.

  • Lightweight design
  • Easy to move around
  • Quiet operation
  • It comes highly recommended
  • This generator is of good quality
  • Plagued with a lot of maintenance issues
  • It’s not for marine use

Small Chicago Electric Generators 800 Rated Watts

Chicago Electric Generators 800 Rated Watts

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Interested in buying a cheaper alternative to the Yamaha? The Chicago Electric model could be worth considering. It delivers a power output of about 800 watts. This is not an inverter one. Stable power isn’t feasible with this unit. However, it has a circuit breaker protection against damage to appliances.

This cheap compact generator has a 63cc gas engine. It’s built to deliver power for a few hours. This model could run on a full tank for about 5 hours. It’s only under a moderate load. While it is not as lightweight as the Yamaha, it is one of the smallest electric generators currently on sale. It weighs about 35 lbs. This isn’t quite heavy. There’s a well-placed handle for easy movement of it.

Noise level isn’t as low as a typical inverter generator. It can be placed anywhere thanks to the padded feet. It doesn’t require much effort to start. A single pull should suffice.

  • Doesn’t weigh much
  • Transporting this generator isn’t difficult
  • Budget friendly generator considering the best price is below the $200 mark
  • It is quite loud
  • It is not very durable
  • Lack of replacement parts
  • Not ideal for sensitive electronics

Porta Source IG800W Mini Inverter Generator

Porta Source IG800W Portable Invertor Generator

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This device has size going for it. It could be considered the smallest inverter generator available. With a weight of 20 lbs, it won’t put a strain on your arms during transportation.

It has a 40cc gasoline engine capable of delivering power for about several hours. The Porta Source IG800W has a power output of about 800watts. This isn’t bad considering its size. Compared to the Small Chicago electric model, this device generates a more reliable power. So, your sensitive appliances are safe.

Noise level is also quite low in comparison to non-inverter models. It has an economy mode. This device can be made to work more efficiently and run longer. The generator has LED lights to indicate the status of the generator. Is it carrying some load more than its capacity? Is the oil level below the ideal position? These are questions the LED lights will provide information about.

  • This good mini generator is portable
  • Near quiet operation
  • It runs for several hours on just one tank!
  • Affordable
  • You will need to earth the generator else your devices could behave weirdly.
  • Not very durable

WEN 56125i 1250-Watt Compact Portable Generator

WEN 56125i Super Quiet 1250-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

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The WEN 56125i delivers a stable power output of 1000 watts. Though initially, it could get to 1250 watts. You can confidently plug your sensitive appliances without fear of damage. There’s an eco-mode for improved fuel efficiency and longer run hours.

Its decibel rating is about 51 dB on a modest load. It means won’t constitute a problem when in use. With a weight of about 48 lbs, it is portable. The ergonomic handle makes the task of transporting it simpler.

Is the 1000 watts power output insufficient? The WEN 56125i is capable of parallel connectivity. You can connect this unit to another generator for more power. There are five outlets on the WEN. This allows you to plug some of your appliances directly.

The WEN 56125i has a 60cc gas engine which is CARB compliant. Its tank capacity is about 0.7 gallon. It might be less than a gallon, but the generator can run long enough.

  • It can be moved easily due to the ergonomic handle and portable size
  • It is equipped with a premium spark arrestor. This makes it useable in forests and parks.
  • The WEN 56125i is easy to start
  • Reviews by customers claim the noise level is disturbing
  • It doesn’t cost much
  • Some customer reviews suggest the generator leaks oil
  • Customer support isn’t great

Compact Portable Generator Benefits

It remains undisputed that:

Portable models can be helpful in a lot of ways.

Don’t dispute how powerful they are due to size. They are capable of powering most appliances. However, their size could be quite helpful in a wide array of situations. What are the other the benefits of the generators in this category? Let’s find out.

Fuel Economy Enabled

Units in this category don’t consume much fuel. Even better, most of them have an eco-mode. This cuts the fuel consumption with only a little cut in power output. This makes them popular among those in need of a power source.

Stable Power

With the sensitivity of appliances, you need a reliable power source. Many of these portable generators have inverter capability. This makes them suitable for devices sensitive to power alterations.

Power Generation

This isn’t just limited to portable generators. But these small generators deliver power despite their size. The smallest diesel generator has a power output of more than 1500 watts. This is impressive when you consider the size.

Noise level

One of the more notable attributes of small models is how near noiseless they are. Noise is a big problem with much more substantial units. So, if you want a power source which won’t be a disturbance to your neighbors, you might want to choose a portable generator.